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Merger and Acquisitions

We Provide An End-to-End M&A Service offering On All Aspects of Transactions Including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management services
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Valuation
  • M&A strategy

Due Diligence

We offer an insight into the target company’s current financial position, projected financial statements, competitive positioning, product mix, operations, customer and vendors relationships, and market outlook.

Our due diligence offering is designed to keep you in control and aware of issues as and when they arise, as well as providing expertise and informed advice in order to support you in developing your deal strategy.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our specialists can assist and advise you to help you create the best value from a proposed transaction.

We also provides Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) services that involve a comprehensive review of the company’s business plan in the context of projected market conditions and the industry/ competition. This analysis focuses on key issues crucial to the buyer, relating to the review and assessment of assumptions made in forecasts/projections of the target against market evidence and industry expectations in the sector.

M&A Strategy

Our M&A Strategy practice works in alignment with the client’s corporate strategy, to define the parameters under which the acquisition targets will be identified and evaluated. We help you identify target markets and potential targets, and support an efficient transaction process even for the most complex deals. We help you align deals with your strategic business objectives, maintain compliance and enhance value from integration and potential upside opportunity.


The Valuation process begins with an indicative Valuation exercise before the commencement of the due diligence exercise. The deliverable of this exercise is an “initial” Valuation subject to due diligence that forms basis of initial negotiation of the transaction. Our Valuation (initial and final) process involves the following key steps:

  •  Validate assumptions of projected financials (internal and external sources)
  •  Prepare the Initial Valuation model on a Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) basis
  •  Normalize Valuation based on inputs from the internal teams, external advisors and market research
  • Apply key Valuation methodologies including DCF based Valuation and multiples based Valuation and determine Enterprise Value (EV) Calculate IRR and Payback Period based on a sensitivity analysis.
  •  Prepare the Final Valuation model after completion of the due diligence process incorporating the impact of due diligence findings and feedback of internal teams and external advisors

M&A Project Management

M&A is a complex process necessitating coordination between several parties including buyer, seller, and their advisors (financial, legal, technical, commercial). We assist you with our end to end capabilities from deal origination to deal execution to signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement and post-merger integration, while managing the entire transaction in an efficient and systematic manner to achieve the desired results.

Post-Merger Integration

Post-acquisition integration is a major change management project, which involves alignment of cultures, strategies, products and services offerings, policies and procedures, business practices, management practices, customers, vendors and bankers. We help clients address planning and integration need to be better prepared before the transaction is completed.