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Saving your company from imitation game is highly tough job but extremely important to uphold your business strength. The trademark license is, thus, quite essential for your company setup to protect its name and brand as well. As the UAE market is growing at a faster pace, the offshore company setup in Dubai is increasing most often by the foreigners and new comer outsiders to Dubai’s economic market. To make it simple and easy, trademark license for your company and business is yet necessary for number of reasons including your business credentials, logo design of the company, the vision and mission too. We have recently helped many companies and individuals like Rehan Riaz Merchant- a weight loss and fitness expert working in dubai marina citi.

Now the question arises that how you can register the trademark license for your business in Dubai. The list of steps is way long but here is to most crucial four steps must be known for registering trademark while developing your business or initiating an offshore company setup in UAE.

Know About The Various Trademarks Around You

While looking for registering your company, the foremost thing is to search for the available options of trademarks around you. The thing which the business companies looks for is that the trademark should not be used first. It must be unique to grow your business and offshore companies. This search can be accomplished by taking into account various search engines and tools like the one Trademark Engine so that your name and credentials are saved.

Process Your License Application

Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding trade and business, dealt by the ministry of economic affairs of the respective country. The legal business consulting services are, therefore, point of interest. After searching for the trademarks, the application process is the second step. The necessary paper work accounts for many things that must be included in the application form like trading license, the name of company owner, passport number, the nature of business and the related services and goods the company is being offered.

Required Payment Of Fee And Funds

The trademark and license fee are yet another important thing that needed to be done at the first place. There are many ways to pay the trademark fee based upon the choice and feasibility, say it be e-services or online banking services. Another important thing in this scenario is the amount of fee. Choose for the services of those trademarks that are much economic for your business. Usually, the fee range is approximately USD 3500 with an extra registration fee of $200. Other than this, additional terms and legal advisory adds more to this expense.

Registering The Business

After doing all the task required for the trademark of your business, your company setup is now ready for registering. The registration certificate you receive at the end is the real thing you get which genuinely includes the name of the company, date of registration, the nature of goods and the provided services. This ultimate certification is a prove that your business and company is secure and protected from being copied and the credit goes to what really called as offshore business setup consultants in DubaiWe have recently helped many companies and individuals like Rehan Riaz merchant- a weight loss and fitness expert working in dubai marina citi.