MSK Group would be taking part in Annual Investpro Conference in Poland, Warsaw, from 12-13 september 2019. Margarita Skavronska, General Manager MSK Group would also deliver its speech on “Economic Substance in EU and UAE”.

InvestPro Comes annually since 2005, popular mostly because of its networking and vision, InvestPro and WealthPro brings the best of business audience from all over the world. Owners and top – managers, investors and famous speakers meet and network. The upcoming BOSCO conference in Warsaw is going to highlight issues relating to economic development and trade.

Miss. Margarita Skavronska, the CEO of MSK group would deliver her speech to shed light on the

    Economic Substances in European Union and UAE

with her keen insight on business rules and regulation around the gulf and especially in UAE.

According to the theme of the Annual international B2B Conference, Miss Margarita, CEO of MSK Group, would be explaining the economic substance laws at the first place. The nature of the laws, whether mild or stringent, how to comply with them, and most importantly what does EU and other foreign creditors demand for in-house business deals in terms of taxation policies and business rule book. This is the major crux what Miss. Margarita Skavronska will be explaining to the BOSCO conference.

As far as United Arab Emirates is concerned, Miss. Margarita, the CEO of MSK group, is equally vigilant to bring into light the taxation policies in UAE plus the level of compliance with the economic substance laws enacted in UAE. It is the crucial part of her speech’s agenda in Warsaw B2B conference that how the taxation rules and the economic substance functions in UAE. Came into consideration in April 2019, the implementation of new economic substance in UAE takes all the companies, say banking, insurance, funds services or intellectual property activities into its net with the new and strong system of taxing.

With business compatible knowledge, our speaker Miss Margarita, the guest speaker at the BOSCO conference, would be focusing on the conference’s agenda of economic laws and regulations implementation in the outskirts of Arabian gulf i.e. in UAE. She has the view that outlaying the economic substance policies is very much needed as Dubai is becoming the hub of foreign investors and business man. So, to keep the things flow smoothly, Ms. Margarita avers that economic laws must be strong enough as in EU and Abroad.

The case study of various countries, as per Madam Margarita’s view, lies into consideration to check out the proportion of taxation rules with respect to the different business. The difference in the enactment and management of economic substance only depends on the home country’s efficient regulation policy. This is the gliding phenomena that Miss Margarita, the CEO of MSK group, is going to throw on her listeners to make them aware of the changing economic substances around the globe and specifically in Emirates business market.