Recently, the Joint Economic Committee has conducted its third session in a row in Tashkent. The session, specifically, took UAE and Uzbekistan into consideration. The Committee session was chaired by UAE’s Minister of Economic Affairs named as H.E. Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, while from the other side, Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Ganiey Elyor Majiddovich, represented the Tashkent’s stance.

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To articulate the sense of economic development and trade, the Expo 2020, held by the respective governments, will provide a reasonable platform to strengthen the economic ties between UAE and Uzbekistan. According to H.E., on national and international scale, the mentioned Expo will also pave the way for the trade development associated with both countries.

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In addition to this, the two governments also acceded on the idea of establishing ties in SME sector including the major ones such as trade development, agriculture sector development and increasing the foreign direct investment. Also, the meeting concluded that the economic affairs must include the industrial cooperation especially in oil and gas sector, various petrochemicals as well as food industry. Few other ideas are being observed in the committee session that can or may bring a change in finance outcomes of the two countries like renewable energy sources. The innovative technology of Blockchain as well as the renowned idea of artificial intelligence may also bring wonders in economic sector. Most likely, Tourism industry including the services of Civil aviation can give a real boost to the finances of both UAE and Uzbekistan.

UAE is rising to the heights of progressiveness whether it is in economic affairs or the nation’s growth. United Arab Emirates includes the neighboring economies to contribute as well and does not let anyone be isolated as it the crucial part of globalism.

This idea of liberal trade makes the world believe that UAE, being a welfare state, provides thousands of opportunities in a variety of fields. The list may include Science and Information Technology, Banking sector, Infrastructure and Real-estate business and the chain goes on. Owing to this, MSK Group provide answers to all the queries for setting up companies or iincorporating offshore companies to new with the requirements and needs of our clients , giving them one complete solution at the go.